Month: July 2017

Tordino – Working in the wheelhouse

30th July 2017 – I am surprised to see how much wood you need for a conversion. It is not my first project and I should know better… Most local shops ran out of t&g, so I had to drive a bit further now to get some more.

We are getting there. Another project is the wheelhouse. A few months ago, I started rebuilding her. The wheel was in, but that was it… Now I redid the other wall, built a bench and made room for an old coal fire.

The freshly painted blue board was lifted back in position.

Tordino – Heavy doors!

23rd July 2017 – When a neighbour started rebuilding his ship, I bought three doors of him. It are small doors, but I can’t lift them. They are hard wooden doors with bronze fittings. I think it are old cabin doors from a ferry or a pilot vessel.

The door will be the entrance to the hold. It is a rather small door, but once you enter the hold, you are supposed to have an surprising effect of the size of the ship. Or at least, this is the feeling I want to create.

Tordino – Grandfather’s furniture

22nd July 2017 – There was some furniture from my grandfather stored in an old house in Bruges. Time to pick it up. I will use the desk for the visitors who want to do research in the Library room.

My parents did some painting in ht hold, while I continued with my t&g.

Tordino – Continuing with the entrance

10th July 2017 – Yesterday evening, I started thinking about the entrance and difference in height between the floor and the steps. Today I built a solid wooden frame around the support for the steps. In some way it is a shame I’m covering up the original floor, but I have some floor left from another ship, so it will look similar.

I built the frame for the wall of the entrance space. Once ready, it will hold the original steering wheel of one of the Westhinder lightvessels. This wheel was previously used aboard the Aquarel as decoration in the bar.

Tordino – Building the entrance platform

9th July 2017 – Still working in the office room, building walls.

The walls along the stairs were painted. they will be covered with an outside quality t&g, but a few coats of paint won’t harm…

I started with building a platform in front of the stairs. This will be the main entrance to the ship.

Tordino – Windows in the Library room

1st July 2017 – While my parents continued painting the hold in a white creme colour, I finished the frames around the windows in the Library. With the remaining would I could make some steps to enter the wheelhouse. In the late afternoon, I did some more t&g to finish my little office space.

In Bruges we had our annual Kolenkaai feesten.