Month: April 2006

Watergeus – Roofing felt on hatch

15th April 2006 – Today, we’ve put the roofing felt on. I also started cleaning the boat. A lot of old metal was no longer needed. I put a floor in the foxhole and painted it quickly. That space is now clean and being used as a storage for my tools.

Watergeus – Building a hatch

9th April 2006 – It was now time to build a hatch in the same style as the roof, so I could lower my stuff in the cargo hold. This same hatch will become my main entrance.

Since the shop was closed and I didn’t have enough roofing felt, I just coated the hatch. In case of rain, the wood would at least be a bit protected.

Watergeus – 100% ownership

7th April 2006 – I have now become the new owner of the Watergeus. My first plans are to dry-dock her. Since I need a certificate before I can ask for a mooring in Belgium, this will become priority one. Depending on what repairs are needed, I can make up my budget or totally give up the project.