Month: July 2019

Watergeus – small jobs take time

28th July 2019 – I started working in the corridor of the bedroom in the Watergeus. After the fire incident in 2015, I had rebuild the walls but, I never finished the woodwork around the portholes.  There are still seven portholes that needs finishing. I managed to do two of them.

Visiting a yacht

24th July 2019 – I went to see a yacht during lunchtime. It was in a shed in the harbour of Ostend. Besides the fact it was already warm outside, it wasn’t much better inside. The advertisement mentioned finished for 75%. It didn’t look that way at all.  After 20 minutes I had seen enough. A nice hull, no guarantees on the engines and a lot of work on deck!

In the evening I made a phone call with my offer and she was tempted to accept it straight away. I suggested her to wait a few days. She called me back a few hours later.

These are the pictures on the add. In real, it is much worse!

Tordino – Cleaning the anchor winch

19th July 2019 – We started cleaning the anchor winch of the Arma by removing the old paint. The winch started leaking and there was no other option but to empty the oil tank. Most of the tank was filled with water, but at the end, I hoovered out around 120 litres of dirty substance.

It was primered in the afternoon.