Month: December 2020

Tordino – wood, varnish and portholes

16th December 2020 – With the two of use we did a lot today.  The woodwork in the wheelhouse is finished, everything got stained with two coats and the portholes were mounted in the engine room doors. To mount the portholes, we took out the doors. makes it easier for cutting. I added some more electricity in the kitchen.  Slowly but steady are we making a lot of progress in the old accommodation. 

Tordino – Portholes

12th December 2020 – While I was in Holland, I managed to get three closed portholes for Tordino. Two for the entrance of the engine room and one for the front. For boat parts you must be in Holland. It is so expensive in Belgium….

Stern – Port side

9th December 2020 – In the morning I went shopping for Tordino, in the afternoon I worked on the port side of the Stern, making the join between the top and bottom bit. Having other things on my mind, concentration was an issue.  At the end of the evening, I managed to have something done. It is far from finished, but I know where I will end.

Tordino – Wheelhouse….

5th December 2020 – First the good news: the new charger is installed and I have heating again!. This is great. Thanks to my friends for helping me.

There was a small rotten piece under the door of the wheelhouse. While taking it away, I discovered more and more wet wood. So after about ten minutes of work, I just realize I can better rebuild the wheelhouse. There is now a cover over the roof. This will keep dry for a while. In the meantime the old interior will be removed. It is nothing special anyway and it exists of several layers of plywood and Formica. Time to make it look more traditional again. Maybe I’ll use some of the recovered interior from the Jeanne.

Together with my mother, we made some traditional curtains for the windows. The next step is to remove the modern rolling curtains and also replace them with traditional ones.