Month: December 2020

Tordino – Compass

30th December 2020 – On the way back, I picked up a rebuilt oil lamp for the wheelhouse. Last Saturday I already bought a compass. Both items are now in the wheelhouse of Tordino. It is starting to look nice. A bit more braze and a wooden floor will make it look finished. 


And just to finish the last bits, I bought a small metal boat for behind Tordino. The year is over, so is my money!

Tordino – Curtains

22nd December 2020 – While my mother gave a second coat of vanish in the wheelhouse, I kept myself busy unscrewing the old curtains and building new boxes for the new ones. Looked like an easy job, but it took me most of the day.

I did some measuring for the new entrance and drew some lines where the little crane will be mounted one of these days.

Stad Rotterdam – Cleaning and cleaning

19th December 2020 – Back in Franeker, today it was for working on the Stad Rotterdam. We cleaned the remaining bit of the hull and started with the upper structure. Sadly enough it was not possible to keep the current paint system. It was to damaged by the recent work and it had been outside without any maintenance. This means we will have to work another two days of removing paint.

Tordino – Picking up a little crane in Franeker

18th December 2020 – I drove up and and down to Franeker to pick u a little crane form an old Luxe motor. I will try to restore it for Tordino. When I arrived at the yard in Franeker It was a bit disappointing to see the condition and the weight. It could impossible fit in my car without causing any damage. A man at the yard cut the bolts and we moved it together in my van.

Tordino – wood, varnish and portholes

16th December 2020 – With the two of use we did a lot today.  The woodwork in the wheelhouse is finished, everything got stained with two coats and the portholes were mounted in the engine room doors. To mount the portholes, we took out the doors. makes it easier for cutting. I added some more electricity in the kitchen.  Slowly but steady are we making a lot of progress in the old accommodation. 

Tordino – Lights in the wheelhouse

15th December 2020 – I went to do some work on Tordino in the afternoon. Mounting three small lights took me around three hours. I lost most of the time pulling the cables nicely in the wheelhouse and adding 220v from the engine room to the wheelhouse.  Later on I continued with the plywood until it became dark.