Month: March 2011

Watergeus – Kitchen in the back accommodation

27th March 2011 – The kitchen was build in the afternoon. Not everything is finished yet, but it gives a totally different dimension to the area.


The stars I had ordered for the bow of the Watergeus have arrived. I ordered them through and I’m happy about the service and quality!

Watergeus – Painting

27th March 2011 – While most of the day was spent painting the boat, I did a little job in the engine room. Firstly, I cleaned the floor around the engine room, then i mounted the boiler for the back accommodation. In the late afternoon, I spent some time on the Frantsis. I don’t know why, but I can’t forget her!

I took some pictures in the evening to get an impression of how she starts to look!


Watergeus – Painting

20th March 2011 – The back side of the entrance has been repainted. I removed most of the rust and painted it red, just like the rest. Since I’m off in the afternoon, I did another part of the gang boards as well.

Watergeus – Painting the deck

16th March 2011 – Probably the last day of the week where I would paint. I redid the back accommodation and one side of the deck. Since it had been done last year, I only had to clean the deck, remove some loose rust and repaint the area.

Watergeus – Painting and planning

15th March 2011 – The boeisel on the front at starboard side has been painted. Since the Escapade is moored alongside, it was an easy job.

The remaining of the evening, I was planning how to rebuild the Escapade. The picture I received last week makes me think. I really want a back accommodation to sleep. I have seen it on many yachts and the Escapade had it as well. I will have to raise it a little more then it once was, since the new ribs are taking some space.

Watergeus – Another day of painting

14th March 2011 – I mainly removed rust from the hull. It is still not the perfect moment, it is getting dark at 7 o’clock, I can’t wait till summertime! For the last two years I had been mainly working inside (except the gang board). You don’t notice this in the beginning, but rust is coming through the paint. At some moment, when you realize it, a lot of work needs to be done. I hop to do a big part in a months time.

Watergeus – Painting

12th March 2011 – I continue doing some smaller maintenance jobs on the Watergeus. Rust just doesn’t look good on a boat. I cleaned the boeisel on the back and removed some ropes. I want her to look again for the summer.

Watergeus – Paint

11th March 2011 – I’m feeling better at the moment. I ordered some original replica bronze stars for the bow of the Watergeus. Since I don’t have enough time at the moment or money, I also ordered some cheap name signs for the vessel.

In the late evening I removed some paint and rust from the bow. I quickly repainted that area. It is a totally different colour, but I like it.


My mother came today, she continued painting the back accommodation.


Watergeus – Outside work

6th March 2011 – I mainly worked outside today. A nice day. I did a small sanding and repaint job on the Watergeus. Later, I removed the paint from the railing of the Escapade. A job that will certainly take a day or two.