Month: August 2018

My neighbour’s engine

30rd August 2018 – My neighbour in Beernem needs to go to drydock for its periodical maintenance. He has a beautiful air started Klockner Deutz engine. We tired starting the engine, but it didn’t show much life. An air pipe was broken. We managed to get the auxiliary engine started and the bottle filled with air.

We give it another go tomorrow evening.

When I was back aboard Tordino, I built that Library cabinet I got on Monday.

Tordino – Extending the Library

27th August 2018 – Just driving up and down to Ikea to get another storage unit for the Library. With the additional collection of Books I got last week, there was no other option.

For the future, I might remove my workshop and convert it into a book storage unit. This means I have to insulate that area as well. There is always something to do aboard Tordino.

Tordino – Labeling objects

26th August 2018 – Another afternoon of labeling paintings and objects aboard Tordino. I was surprised to see how many new objects were mounted the last couple of weeks. Every time I’m open, I try to hang a few paintings.


Tordino – Preparations for Open Monumentendag

25th August 2018 – In two weeks time, there is Open Monumentendag. I have a special exhibition about Belgian shipping. The last preparations were done today. Some frames and paintings can’t be lifted by one person. Earlier this year, one of the paintings came loose, felt down and damaged one of the boat models.

Watergeus – Painting the deck

18th August 2018 – In the morning I went to an auction on maritime objects. I bought some nice pieces for Museumschip Tordino and for the Watergeus. I had been looking for some time to get myself a proper ship’s bell. 

After I moved paintings and objects from the Watergeus to my museum, my living space started looking empty, soulless. I found a few nice decorative items I will now mount.

I spent painting a part of the gangway in the afternoon. The outside needs to be looking good as well!


Watergeus – Grinding

17th August 2018 – So much grinding todo….

  • Removing the old ballast tank: job failed after two square meters. This will become a long lsting project.
  • Grinding the remains of the old box of the generator: partly done until my machine started overheating

Watergeus – Removing the generator

16th August 2018 – The generator was removed today. At least some more space on the front deck. It took us three people to get it of the boat. 

You need to put the dimensions of  your ship and the Certificate number on both sides of the ship. I made some wooden name signs and welded a bracket today. 

I grinded some rust of the deck in the evening. 

Watergeus – Removing the generator

14th August 2018 – Years ago, I welded a metal box on the front deck for a generator. I’ve never used it and now it is time to remove it along with several other objects. The old petrol engine for the anchor winch, a support for a bench vise and some old brackets were also removed. I now have some space on deck and it looks more like when she was a commercial barge!

Just don’t know anymore what to do (first)

10th August 2018 – Since I put away my tools aboard Tordino last month, it feels like I have nothing to do, no active conversions. I had the preparations of the crossing, but now this is done as well.
There is still so much I need to do, like making the Watergeus ready for her survey, painting Tordino, working on the content of my museum, etc….

I am now making plans of converting the last space aboard the Watergeus. This is a low budget project. I first need to cut away a ballast tank I welded 11 years ago. There is still the cleanup of the frontdeck, removing an old generator and a support for a workbench.

At the beginning of next year, I will insulate the middle section of Tordino. I’ve seen this summer it was to warm.

So where to start first…

Tordino – Camera for monitoring the entrance

9th August 2018 – I bought a camera and a wireless router. The idea is to monitor the entrance of Tordino while I’m working in the Library. So I can easily follow if people are getting aboard the ship.

I work in the IT world and on the package of both items was mentioned ‘easy setup’. It took me nearly three hours and a lot of watching on Youtube to get everything running!

The camera wil be mounted Saturday morning. Hopefully everything will work!