Month: January 2011

Escapade – Removing the back of the ship

29th January 2011 – I’ve started cutting at the back of the ship. I want to remove the welded construction and reveal her decks again. Once finished, I noticed how bad they are. Needs replacing as well in the near future…

In the meantime I used some liquid rubber to stop the leaks at the back.

Watergeus – a bit of everything

29th January 2011 – I have done a lot today! In the morning we tiled the toilet, bathroom and entrance of the back accommodation on the Watergeus. In the afternoon I helped sanding the wheelhouse with my parents. Later that noon, the Frantsis left her mooring next to the Watergeus. She has her own spot now!

The back of the Escapade, breaking her down to original hull is going quickly

The Frantsis on her new mooring


Watergeus – Kitchen

25th January 2011 – The last piece of multiplex for the back accommodation has been cut and mounted. Normally, no more wood work should be done in the back area.

I also started doing some basic plumbing.

Watergeus – Bed and toilet room

23th January 2011 – I ran out of multiplex again. Since I needed some more for the bed, I had to break down an old wall on my yacht to have some wood. Since it will be used underneath the tiles, I don’t mind it has already been painted with a funny brown colour.

I vanished the inside of the bed, painted the outside and finished the little toilet room. Everything is now ready for being tiled.

Watergeus – Painting and toilet room

22nd January 2011 – I made up my mind about the little toilet space. I removed the tiles on the floor, some parts of the wall and other stuff. I now have a clean room.

Since I will put tiles around the bathroom, at the entrance and in the toilet I made a first layer of sheets of multiplex. Tiles will be glued on it.


Watergeus – Cleaning

17th January 2011 – One of the last rooms that had to be broken out was the toilet space. When I finished this little room, I disconnected the pumps in the engine room. I got stuck behind the water tanks again and decided to clean the mess around them while I was there anyway.

Shopping & Ghent

15th January 2011 – In the morning I went shopping, buying wallpaper and tiles to finish the back accommodation of the watergeus. In the afternoon I went to Ghent to visit some boat friends.

More important today is the article published in the newspaper De Standaard. A two page large article on my barge and myself.