Month: March 2017

Zelzate shipyard and Herita meeting

30th March 2017 – In the early morning I drove to the shipyard Carron in Zelzate where friends of mine have a ship. It is their last day out of the water. I’ve got a lot of stuff from this ship that will serve in my museum aboard Tordino.

There was a heritage meeting in the afternoon. I followed a few sessions and had an interesting afternoon.

Tordino – Insulation and mounting portholes

26th March 2017 – While my father started insulating the library, I cut the holes in the wall for the portholes. Since it is a maritime library, I want to give the feel and look of a ship.

Nice to have a working system. I check my generator once a week. While I was in the engine room, I noticed she had no oil left. I filled her, but it took some time before I noticed there was oil in the carter again. When she ran, oil ran out of the filter. There was a serious crack in the case of the filter. I replaced the filter and she ran again nicely. All the batteries were flat, so I will have to check more often!

Tordino – Water tanks arrived

25th March 2017 – My water containers arrived in the late afternoon. They were a little more heavy then expected. It was getting time since I couldn’t close the wall behind the Library. After the tanks were in position, I continued building the frame for the wall.

Tordino – Insulation delivered

22nd March 2017 – The frame is nearly finished. A few more pieces to strengthen the four walls and I can start to insulate.

Insulation arrived today, 25 roles. Looks a lot until I opened a few packages. I hope to have enough for the Library room.

Having a good chat!

8th March 2017 – One of the ships along our moorings was sold a few months ago. The new owner is converting his ship at the yard. he is extremely passionate about converting ships and we had a good chat. Looking forward to have more of these evenings!

Tordino – Craning day

17th March 2017 – Getting up early, driving to the yard, loading a wheelhouse, driving back and waiting for the crane and the toilet unit to arrive. This is briefly explained what happened today.

Tordino – Ordering a toilet container

16th March 2017 – While I had to order a crane for the wheelhouse, it came to mind to order my toilet unit as well. This means I only had to order a crane once. I drove to Temse to have a look for these units. I found one at the right price and ordered it. They could still deliver it the next day, which was perfect. Talking about good service!

I drove to the yard where the wheelhouse was stored. I did some extra measuring to make sure it would fit on the transport. The cabin was 8cm longer then expected, but this was not a major issue to my driver.

Most of the afternoon, I was painting the hold to clear my mind and stop worrying whether everything would work out as planned.

Tordino – Building walls

15th March 2017 – Time to be constructive again. I built the back wall for the Library room and mounted a heavy beam to the ceiling. This will server as support for the fake wooden hatches. It took me some time to lift an 80kg beam by myself. I’m happy the frame was holding the beam. I’ve strengthened the frame in the meantime to have no accidents.

Tordino – Planning

13th March 2017 – Planning is important. This evening I had a small meeting with the craning company. I wanted to make sure they understood what my plans were and if the ground was strong enough for the weight and pressure of their crane. Communication through mail is one thing, but talking to each other and showing photos makes it totally different.