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Visiting ‘Op Hoop van Zegen’ in Zelzate

6th July 2018 – We went to see the ‘Op Hoop van Zegen’ in Zelzate. She will be launched in the water next week, so this was one of the last days to take some pictures after the repairs had been done.

It is a good thing the new owner repaired the bow. Sadly enough, the yard didn’t do it properly. The shape and curve were not followed and instead of welding, a lot of silicon was used.




Op Hoop van Zegen – Sold

20th October 2016 – I sold the ship.

I gave the lemmeraak ‘Op Hoop van Zegen’ a new life. If I didn’t rebuilt her, she was likely to be scrapped. I hope the new owner has the talent and know-how to finish this project. I wish him luck with the ship.

Op Hoop van Zegen – Empty!

18th October 2016 – My last tools are now from the ship. She raised approximately 7 cm’s at the front and 4 cm’s at the back.

I will certainly miss this ship. I had many plans, but I’m pretty sure I will find another project where I can save a ship and give it another bright future!

Op Hoop van Zegen – Emptying the hold

14th October 2016 – It is now pretty sure the ‘Op Hoop van Zegen’ will be sold, so I started emptying the accommodation and engine room.

If the sale would not go through, this would still be a good thing to do. She was getting filled up and it took me longer to convert her. I had to move around my stuff before I was able to get anywhere. After a whole day, I took half of my stuff out. I will need another day.

Op Hoop van Zegen – Wheelhouse floor

1st October 2016 – A long time since I did something structural to the ‘Op Hoop van Zegen’. I built the wheelhouse floor. Makes it easier for walking around and finishing the sides. I have some old oak I will use to finish the floor, but this is for later. I still need to paint the rest of the wheelhouse before I put the topcoat on the floor.