Tordino – Scanning

24th May  2022 – Just some scanning in the evening, I was surprised to scan some books dating back to 2000. It was like yesterday. How quickly some ships can change or get scrapped. 

Oostende voor Anker 2022

20th May 2022 – Together with my girlfriend, we visited Oostende voor Anker, in the morning we did the barges and little boats. It was raining heavily.

In the evening we made a boat trip. Nice weather, a little breeze and a lot of sun! I must admit that the barges were looking better on the canal then docked alongside each other…. 

Nautical event in Gorinchem

17th May 2022 – There was a big nautical event in Gorinchem. It is a fair with all the big companies from Holland and some Belgium companies. It was nice to meet some people again, have a drink and a meal!

The previous owner of Tordino was there and he gave some old navigation lights, flags and an anchor!


Tordino – To warm to work outside

15th May 2022 – Just to warm to work outside, lovely to be inside the hold where it is still cold. So I just continued scanning old documents.

In the evening when it was a little colder we made a nice walk… Walking along the canal is like a holiday.

Tordino – Lowering the porthole of a sunken lightvessel, scanning and having a drink with friends

14th May 2022 – After a heavy morning, some change of plans, I had a good breakfast with my girl and went to Tordino. I lowered an extremely heavy porthole from the sunken lightship Westhinder into the hold. I did some scanning to change my mind.

In the evening, some friends came and we had a drink! A day well spent, despite missing a good friend!