Stern – Side

9th August 2020 – A few small jobs were done. I cleaned the bilges on starboard, cleared that side of the yacht and started building a frame for the insulation and t&g. Slowly getting there, but it is really to warm to work.

The old outlet for the kitchen sink was sealed and the gap between the old and new deck as well. At least I hope to stop condensation getting to the old decks. 

Tordino – Cover for the hatches

5th August 2020 – One of the last remaining issues for looking traditional are the aluminium hatches. They look to modern, even if it is an old ship. The cover was mounted today and I’m happy with the result.  By the time we finished temperature was to hot to do anything. So it the was right timing!

Stern – Painting the upper structure and building a wooden frame

2nd August 2020 – The day started badly with heavy rain, but it stayed dry aboard the Stern. That gave me a good feeling.  I painted the upper structure, knowing the paint might get damaged by the welding of the wheelhouse in the future. At least the ship is starting to look good. Black hull, black deck, sides in brown and a green roof.

In the evening, I started building a cupboard on starboard side.

Visiting a spits barge in Evergem

1st August 2020 – A person I once met through facebook called me about his spits barge that might go to the scrapyard. We went to Evergem and had a look. It is nice old spits barge with some history. It has a beautiful accommodation. I sincerely hope there will be future for the ship.

Once the visiting was over, the owner invited us to his place for a drink and a chat. Boats bring people together. 

Stern – Waterwegenvignet

28th July 2020 – The last missing bit of paperwork for now is arranged. I needed a waterwegenvignet. My intention is now to cruise a bit around since I have no metal for the wheelhouse. It is constructor’s holiday so no shops are open…

I experimented with the join of the rubber strip and the deck. I sealed it with proper kit above. I will fill it with cheap kit underneath to fill up most of the gaps before giving a final layer with proper kit. 


I will start working on the outside tomorrow so I pumped out the little workboat.