Month: January 2021

Bruges – High water

29th January 2021 – I have never seen the water so high as today. I was glad to be at home so I could keep an eye on both my ships. The Stern nearly ended up on the wooden beam on the side of the canal. Watergeus is much deeper in the water. Since water was raising quickly, there was the chance  that Watergeus could lift up its gangway or gets stuck underneath it. None of this happened! 

Tordino – A Quick check

25th January 2021 – I quickly checked Tordino and unloaded some of the books I bought last week. Everything was fine. I just hope they will be able to deliver the heather tomorrow and that my power supply is strong enough to hold it. 

Stern – Removing the old toilet

19th January 2021 – What had to be an easy job turns out in a small nightmare. I had to buy a hull skin fitting, then I had to buy the right drill and in the end the hole was made. When I removed the old toilet, which was totally dry, I wanted to seal the old hoses. I sprayed foam into them. It came out straight away including a lot of water. So there is still water in the old pipes. I hoovered out as much as I could, and I will go shopping again tomorrow to find the right fitting to seal them… A wasted afternoon and now a worrying evening!