Month: January 2021

Vlet Djoey – A small trip in Oudenburg

31st January 2021 – The plans for moving Tordino to Oudenburg are getting more serious. For a few days now, water has been very high and very low. The Government managing the waterways claims that it is very undeep near the sides. It was the perfect moment to have a look and see it myself. Believe me, I don’t want to end up on these remaining walls from the early days…


Stern – Painting the bedroom

30th January 2021 – I painted the bedroom after a good inspection. There was no damaged to the ship after last night.  Once the bedroom was painted, including a few bits and pieces everywhere, I realized any further work was impossible until the paint was dry. We made plans of moving the ship but the wind is to hard. 



Bruges – High water

29th January 2021 – I have never seen the water so high as today. I was glad to be at home so I could keep an eye on both my ships. The Stern nearly ended up on the wooden beam on the side of the canal. Watergeus is much deeper in the water. Since water was raising quickly, there was the chance  that Watergeus could lift up its gangway or gets stuck underneath it. None of this happened! 

Stern – Guilty feeling

27th January 2021 – Having done nothing was not a good feeling. I went aboard the Stern, gave a second coat of green paint on the wall and painted a part of the bedroom. I took away two heavy toolboxes and put them in my car since I have no other place to store them at the moment. Everything is now ready for tomorrow.

Pintje, Porto and Pita

27th January 2021 – The idea was to have a quick look on the wheelhouse of the Julie. They are building a new roof and I wanted to see how it was being made. We ended up having a few beers, then Port and in the end we had a pita. A whole day wasted, but it was fun. 

Tordino – A Quick check

25th January 2021 – I quickly checked Tordino and unloaded some of the books I bought last week. Everything was fine. I just hope they will be able to deliver the heather tomorrow and that my power supply is strong enough to hold it. 

Stad Rotterdam – Primer

23rd January 2021 – A mixed feeling when we arrived. A lot of metalwork has been done and done nicely. But al the other items were not done at all or wrongly done. It was good to know there was a generator aboard, but the engine wasn’t mounted yet. They started messing wit the windows…

On the other hand, I was very positive on the new rudder, a real replica of the original one. The railing on deck was also looking extremely nice. The metal workers on the yard are real professionals!

Tordino – Quick weld

22nd January 2021 – I quickly welded a bracket for the chimney of the new heather they will install next Tuesday. Power is so limited I only managed to stick the support.  It is solid enough but it needs proper welding soon.

Stern – Finishing the woodwork in the toilet

20th January 2021 – I started building a wall with insulation where the old toilet was. It took me some time but it worked out fine in the end. Then I extended the last electricity wires and finished the cupboard in the living room. At the end of the  evening I gave the new wood a first coat of paint including the parts I hadn’t done before. Some parts got a second coat, the ones where I will put some tiles…