Month: October 2021

Tordino – Books

29th October 2021 – I received a nice collection of books and documents of a local Pilot who used to work on the Schelde. A nice addition to the collection. Thankfully, I bought some extra bookshelves earlier this week.

Tordino – Bookshelves

27th October 2021 – Winter is coming. As every year, this is the period I’m working in the library aboard Tordino. This evening I went to Ikea and bought two extra bookshelves. This gives me space for another 200 books.

Stern – Electricity

25th October 2021 – Two sockets were mounted, the depth meter connected, a picture of a narrowboat screwed in the wall and I let run the electric heather for a while until it stopped smoking.

I added some LED lights powered by a battery and a solar panel in the mast. It was an idea from one of the neighbours.

Stern – Painting and vanishing

18th October 2021 – With the days becoming shorter, so is dropping my motivation for working. I vanished the floor of the wheelhouse and toilet. the remaining wood around the new door was painted. 

Last week I ordered search lights and some more equipment. It will all be mounted on a metal bar.  The metal bar is painted and now I’m mounting the equipment.

Stern – Second coat of paint

11th October 2021 – The floor and panels got a second coat of paint or oil. I finished the wooden box for the car radio of the wheelhouse and I built a wooden box for underneath the wheel. At least I can put some stuff in there like spare fuses, etc…

Stern – Working and sailing

8th October 2021 – The fuel tank is filled up again and ready to go. I made a small trip, but had to go back since it was getting dark quickly. Maybe not the brightest  idea to leave so late in the evening.


The floor in the wheelhouse is nearly finished and I made a bracket for the compass. The Chinese ordered battery charger is working. Let’s see what will happen to the battery.