Month: February 2014

Aquarel – The question on insulation

25th February 2014 – I have been thinking about insulation since I had this ship. Foaming is easy, done in one day and good insulated. I’m afraid of welding with foam. When the guy is coming to foam, everything must be ready and I just know I will forget something. Therefore I might go for rockwool….

I will do some basic tests somewhere this week. I’m gone put insulation against a piece of metal and weld as much as I can. On the Watergeus, I left a gap of 17cm between the metal and my insulation. Now I’m thinking of putting the insulation against the metal….

Aquarel – Small jobs

22nd February 2014 –  I spent most of the day doing smaller jobs, welding a few supports, bolting some wood and cleaning the hold. It was time to do something, I barely find back any hammer at the moment.

Aquarel – Inside paint jobs

18th February 2014 – I love this weather, warm and dry! The moment to paint the inside of the two new hatches an to paint some more in the hold. I’m really surprised to see how much paint goes into the hold. I’m not even half way….

Aquarel – The imaginary kitchen

5th February 2014 – Since I drew a line with a piece of chalk on my ceiling to make the line where my kitchen will stop, I can now officially say I’m working in the kitchen area. This give me a little hope that at the end of they day, I might succeed in converting this ship into something suitable….

It took me some time to mount one of the bigger wooden side supports on the bulkhead. After cutting the entrance in October, the bulkhead bent badly. I’ve now tried with a lot of clamps and some wood to bend it back. Without success…

Aquarel – Wrong glue?

3rd February 2014 – Just like the last two days, I’ve been drilling holes and bolting wood. I start to notice a difference. One side is now nearly finished, and I’m running out of wood.

I’m not so happy about the glue I used. Maybe it is to cold, but I have no good results with it. The wood doesn’t stick together. Fortunately I used screws so it is solid enough but I was hoping that the glue would do his part of the job…

At the end of the day, I cleaned the wheelhouse, making it a bit more comfortable to live.

Aquarel – What insulation to use?

1st February 2014 – The idea is to use foam as insulation for the ship. But I doubt, I might still go for the traditional insulation. Since I don’t know it yet, I’m making my frame work like on the Hornblower. Wide enough for putting insulation, but also solid enough to hold the foam and to screw sheets of multiplex on it afterwards.

It took me all day drilling holes and bolting the wood to the metal…