Month: January 2022

Tordino – Cutting tanks

18th January 2022 – No time to waste, so I started cutting tanks and oil drums. Three drums are gone and a third of a water tank. Another one needs to be done as well. I can’t use an angle grainder since I don’t want to put my library on fire…. 

Watergeus – Bringing boxes aboard

17th January 2022 – I brought the first moving boxes aboard. It will be a hell of a job to empty the Watergeus after 17 years living aboard… It is with pain in the heart I’ve started. My main concern is to find a new owner who can show as much love and respect as I did.

Boat stuck on the side of the canal

8th January 2022: A barge was stuck on the side of the Canal. Heavy winds blew the ship to the side. The sides are very shallow and full of rocks and bricks. 

We tried pulling her out with our vlet, but this was not successful. A tractor came to help and we pulled the ship of the rocks. Sadly enough, the wind blew the ship back on it. Since water was still dropping in the canal, we gave up and went home.


Tordino – Small jobs and plans

7th January 2022 – The first repair of this year is done. The door handle of the museum broke. I managed to fix it, but is a temporary solution.  Some more temperature and humidity registration tools were mounted in the museum. 

Behind the library was a workshop. I’m using it as a depot, but this is the only part aboard that is not insulated. Between nice objects, I also keep my spare tools in this room. The idea is to clean it up, put some proper cupboard and use it as an extension to the library.