Month: December 2021

Tordino – New model for the museum

29th December 2021 – I drove to Rotterdam to pick up a model of a groentenschuit. This is a smaller version of the Hornblower, a vlet that was used in canals to transport vegetables and fruit. The person who restored it gave me a second model of a ship, very similar to the SL.7 Jannetje, later known as my ‘Op Hoop van Zegen’. Two nice models for the collection!

Tordino – Website renewal

28th December 2021 – While I have a few days off, I wanted to work on Tordino but weather doesn’t allow me to do so. Therefore I made a decision to start working on the website of the museum. It had an update two years ago, but the content is outdated and no longer attractive.


Tordino – Freezer

16th December 2021 – Since I’ve started cooking and living more permanently on Tordino, I just bought a freezer. A neighbour came to help and we put it in the hold. After Christmas, I will likely move it somewhere more discrete…

Winter blues

4th December 2021 – The weather isn’t right, a lot of rain and wind. The canal needs continues to be low for the water. I’m glad I have my new sofa and some time to read books. Working on the boats isn’t possible at all.  On the other hand, I’ve done enough this year!