Month: February 2012

Small damage

13th February 2012 – Every time there is a period of coldness you might expect some damage. Sadly enough, this time wa not different. My shaft on the Watergeus is leaking badly. I added some more grease and it slowed down the leaking.

Hornblower- Ceiling in the bedroom

12th February 2012 – On the weather forecast they mentioned from today on the freezing period is over. Personally, I didn’t notice much difference. Ice melted on the boat, but the canal was still frozen and I had cold feet while working!

I’m running out of wood, insulation and even screws. I’m a little short of money this month so I might have to stop working on the boat. There are still a lot of other jobs I could do, but it is still to cold…

Ice and possible damage

9th February 2012 – The ice is still growing around the boats. I wonder how long the cold period will continue. Now I’m starting to worry for two reasons: my electricity bill and the possible damage to the cooling system of both engines.

I’ read today that at least five woonarken sank because of broken water pipes. It makes you think twice!

Helping each other with frozen pipes

5th February 2012 – Feeling slightly better, I decided to work on the Hornblower. Sorting out the wood in the back area was my first priority. While working, both of my neighbours called for frozen pipes. I gave them a hand. I can’t remember it being so cold last year…

The canal is still frozen and as the weather conditions aren’t becoming any better, I believe we will have more issues then a few frozen pipes.

When 600kg of steel is leaning to one side of the ship…

Hornblower – Cleaning the back area of the ship

5th February 2012 – Since it is to cold to work on the engine or to weld the plates and ribs for the wheelhouse , I cleaned the back area where all the wood is stored. I want to measure the area and make some plans for the conversion. I put some more blankets around to keep the heat in the engine room. Heating a a ship which has no insulation will cost me some money. Replacing an engine is more expensive!

Hornblower – Ice

2nd February 2012 – Ice was formed around the hull and inside the boat. On Monday I noticed condensation was frozen to the windows. I was more worried when I discovered there was ice in the cooling system of the engine. I quickly bought an extra heater to heat the engine room.

Freezing cold!

2nd February 2012 – Yesterday I had put an extra electric heater in the engine room of the Watergeus near the boiler and water pump. Today I went to the shop for another heater. This time it was for the engine of the Hornblower. The cooling outlet was frozen. I’m to much worried about damage. It might not be to effective to have a heater running in a boat with no insulation. Nevertheless, it is now only 0°C near the engine, better then minus 7°C.