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Tordino – Small jobs and plans

7th January 2022 – The first repair of this year is done. The door handle of the museum broke. I managed to fix it, but is a temporary solution.  Some more temperature and humidity registration tools were mounted in the museum. 

Behind the library was a workshop. I’m using it as a depot, but this is the only part aboard that is not insulated. Between nice objects, I also keep my spare tools in this room. The idea is to clean it up, put some proper cupboard and use it as an extension to the library. 

Tordino – New model for the museum

29th December 2021 – I drove to Rotterdam to pick up a model of a groentenschuit. This is a smaller version of the Hornblower, a vlet that was used in canals to transport vegetables and fruit. The person who restored it gave me a second model of a ship, very similar to the SL.7 Jannetje, later known as my ‘Op Hoop van Zegen’. Two nice models for the collection!

Tordino – Website renewal

28th December 2021 – While I have a few days off, I wanted to work on Tordino but weather doesn’t allow me to do so. Therefore I made a decision to start working on the website of the museum. It had an update two years ago, but the content is outdated and no longer attractive.


Tordino – Installing an electric heather

25th November 2021 – An electric heather is installed in the bedroom downstairs. It is a 1000W element, not big but enough to heat the whole room but enough to make it warm and to remove any possible humidity.

I’ve chosen for a more expensive one since I’m extremely happy with the one installed in the Stern last month! I need to rely on it when I’m not aboard as well.


In the evening I continued hanging Christmas decoration. If the weather allows it and the packages arrive in time, I will hang some more lights tomorrow.

Tordino – Christmas decoration

20th November 2021 – When I was younger I always put a Christmas three on my ship. The last couple of years, I had no time or interest in putting one. This year is no difference, until my neighbour convinced me, and she did it already months ago, to put one. So today I started….

Tordino – Library

15th November 2021 – A perfect gray cold day for working in the Library. I scanned some books and brochures, did a clean up of of one of the tables and sorted many books. Happy with the result, but nobody else will notice any difference….

I am still waiting for the special vintage light bulbs to arrive, so I mounted a few cheap ones to have enough light for working….

Tordino – Finishing the living room

12th November 2021 – I cleaned the living room, putting back the furniture, adding a few extension cables for my laptop, etc… Two more paintings are now on the wall. It is looking cosy. I had an old chair on the Watergeus. Together with my Christmas decoration, it is now all aboard Tordino. Ready for the winter!



Tordino – Painting

11th November 2021 – My mother gave a coat of primer in the morning and I gave a coat of finish in the late afternoon. The room is now ready. Probably the first time I’ve done such a job in less then a week! Once everything is dry, it needs a good clean.

Tordino – T&G in the extended living room

8th November 2021 – My neighbour convinced  me to put t&g. It is the only person I’ve met so far that likes t&g! Most people think I’m boring or to classical, but now someone knows what a real boat taste feels like!

I bought some t&g for the extension of the living room. The price has gone up with 5 EURO for a package. It is better to invest in wood then it is in Gold at the moment. One wall is nearly finished.

I also put a curtain between this new room and the rest of living room to avoid to have to much dust in my living part.