Category: MS Tordino

Tordino – Scanning an archive

8th June 2022 – The old skipper of Tordino borrowed us his archive.  I scanned it during the evening, so I have a proper copy for using in the museum. Still surprised to see new pictures from the ship and how beautiful she was between 1978 and 2010. 

Tordino – Passenger boats

6th June 2022 – The third day of inputting scanned cards and information on paddle steamers, ferries and other passenger related boats.  I will be happy once this part is done and that I can start working on other subjects and projects aboard Tordino!

Interested in seeing some result: Click here

Tordino – Mounting news objects, labelling and scanning

29th May 2022 – Still unpacking boxes from the Watergeus and discovering nice items that are perfect for the museum.  While I have visitors, I listen to their questions and when they are gone, I make labels for objects that are not that clear for everyone. A day well spent aboard Tordino.

In the evening I started cleaning the wheelhouse and added a few nice objects from the Watergeus. I want the wheelhouse to look more traditional. I also need to clean the wheelhouse. I added a lot of stuff last year, but nothing is sorted out yet…

Tordino – Scanning

24th May  2022 – Just some scanning in the evening, I was surprised to scan some books dating back to 2000. It was like yesterday. How quickly some ships can change or get scrapped. 

Tordino – To warm to work outside

15th May 2022 – Just to warm to work outside, lovely to be inside the hold where it is still cold. So I just continued scanning old documents.

In the evening when it was a little colder we made a nice walk… Walking along the canal is like a holiday.