Month: February 2020

Watergeus – Workshop

29th February 2020 – After I came back from the Stern, I decided to work aboard the Watergeus and make the workshop ready. It will take some time before it is finished. I made a hole in the bulkhead for having access to the massurator. Then I started making the wall between the workshop and the room where the central heating will become.


Stern – Bad weather

29th February 2020 – Bad weather again. It is getting annoying I can’t do much. I hovered out the bilges and that’s about it. On one side, I removed some paint, so people notice a difference. Now it is waiting for the weather to become better so I can put a new roof on the ship. When I had a look at the prices for metal, it will cost me some more then expected. Boats….


Stern – Another day of breaking down the interior

24th February 2020 – Another day of breaking down the interior. I had to use electric tools to cut away the walls and parts of the kitchen. The kitchen was looking good, but it was totally rotten. This was the only area I doubted keeping…

The construction of the upper structure was well done, but the wrong materials were used, so it lasted it maximum lifetime.  The plywood of the roof was joined with an aluminium strip. It leaks through this strip. This is the main reason the bathroom was rotten.

The insulation and the ceiling is gone. Now I still  need to remove the sides and the bench. A job for Wednesday.

Stern – Breaking down the interior

23rd February 2020 – I was aboard the Stern today. Bilges were dry and the engine started immediately. When I started breaking down the interior, most of the metal was in a good condition. I filled up one van with wood. Tomorrow I continue.

While breaking down, I discovered some of the history of the ship. It was converted in Ghent, as had been told. Old brackets for rowing and lowering the boat in the water were also found. There is no proof so far it was built in the 30’s.

Stern – Cover over the roof

9th February 2020 – I drove to Ghent to put a cover over the roof of the cabin. I am afraid for rain and the possibility of the rotten roof to be blown away. Putting a cover on a windy day was not such a success. It looks even scruffier now, but it is for a better purpose. 

Stern – Status

2nd February 2020 – What is happening with the Stern? Nothing at the moment. I’m making plans and I’m doubting if I should put a tempoary roof in plywood with a cover or just leave as it is and put the metal when I’m having some money.

I had the plan of going there today, but decided to finish Tordino first.