Month: October 2010

Frantsis – No Deal….

25th October 2010 – A potential buyer who promised buying her has withdrawn his bid. That is one of the reasons I don’t like selling boats anymore. Half of the people are not even interested in buying a boat. They come to see one, and spent some time like free entertainment. Of the really interesting people, you may have one serious person who will make a bid and buy the boat. I’ll see what the future brings. Since I’m not in a hurry, I’ll see how many more people will contact me.

Arma – Anti freeze

20th October 2010 – The winter is coming. Last night it was minus 2°C so I went to the Arma to fill the engines up with anti freeze.

When I was back aboard I made a solid frame for a bed in the back accommodation of the Watergeus. At least it was warm in my ship.

Watergeus – Paint

15th October 2010 – A last bit of wall has now been removed, and the remaining corners and rivets painted with a good coat of primer. I would love to start building that wall. It makes look the room more finished.

Frantsis – For sale

12th October 2010 – I decided to put the Frantsis up for sale. Anyone who is interested can contact me. She is good start for a nice project of a little houseboat. It is technical also possible to make her look original again, but that would take you some time!