Month: June 2015

Aquarel – Building the bar

29th June 2015 – So finally working a whole day on the Aquarel. I did manage to build most of the bar. The main issue was the heat. It was so hot aboard I couldn’t work for more then one hour before holding a break. I lost most of the time putting the hatch in front of the bar. I’m reusing a part of an old wooden hatch in front of the bar. I’m not sure whether I will keep it that way. It is dark and hard to recognize a hatch. I’ll have night sleep before making my final decision.

Aquarel – Oiling the bilges

28th June 2015 – I opened the floor where the bar will be built. part of that floor is becoming fixed so I cleaned the bilges and oiled them. they are looking much better when they are greasy. I was surprised to see how much dust has been collected since I last cleaned them, nearly a year ago…

Watergeus – Corridor

20th June 2015 – After a week of not being fit to work, I decided to try some work. The corridor between my workspace and the front of the ship is now nearly finished and covered with a coat of primer.

Outside on deck, the last black remains of the fire were repainted. I still need my new windows, but the deck and hull are looking better again.