Month: May 2023

Tordino – Adding a mast

20th May 2023 – Last year I bought a metal pipe to make it into a mast. Sadly it didn’t fit in the support. We are talking about a few millimeters to thick…  I temporary secured it with jubilee clips. With a flag on the stern again, the ship looks more vivid then ever…

Tordino – Removing generations of paint…

19th May 2023 – I have a nice white stripe on starboard side on the hull. It breaks the line, but it also gives a nice touch. Today, I started removing the old tar to create a white stripe as well. I manged to get three meters further… It will be a long time before the white line will appear….

The problem of 2component paint is that you need to use it. So In the end I painted the anchor and the front bollards.

Stern – Moving and small trip

19th May 2023 – I was surprised, the engine started straight away and I made a small trip. The idea was to move her by hand, but since the engine started, I made a trip of a few hundred meters and back.  I really hope to have some time for her next year…


Tordino – Oiling and scanning

14th May 2023 – Exactly one year ago I transferred the Watergeus to her new owners. It is still a mixed feeling, but mostly positive. It had been my home for seventeen years. But when I’m working and doing maintenance like today, I’m glad I’ve sold her. 

I gave a second coat of oil on the wheelhouse and a first coat on the inside of the kitchen door.  It was a cold wind so not such a nice job to do, but it had to be done since they are a talking about rain tomorrow.

Yesterday, I received a few boxes with photos and prayer cards. I need to scan them before Friday, so it will be a marathon scan again…

Tordino – Scanning

12th May 2023 – I found another folder of the same archive I have been scanning the last couple of weeks. Once this folder is scanned, I will have scanned more then 1500 documents of an old ship broker and yard owner from the 1920’s.

Tordino – Groups

6th May 2023 – We had two big groups today. These are intense moments, but you guide them with great pleasure. Certainly with groups like we had today. So many people with grate interest in the content of the museum.