Month: June 2009

Watergeus – Chipping rust

29th June 2009 – I would love to have my deck again in blank metal. Whenever I have some time I remove paint and rust. To make sure no new rust is coming, I try to protect my deck with some oil. After building some more storage space in the engine room, I spent most of the evening chipping rust.

Arma – Heading to Harelbeke

27th June 2009 – We left at 8:45 in the morning. Besides a lot of food, the skipper, owner and me,  we also took plenty of water with us in case we needed filling the engine. We slowly sailed towards the first lock. This was the only one we had to wait some time. My parents came to say hello and wish us a good trip.

The next lock and bridges to get out of Bruges all went smooth and quickly. Between two bridges we had some trouble loosing control of the steering but the skipper quickly discovered the cause. The regulator was slightly bent on the control panel.

Since there were a lot of mussels the ship sailed slowly, even on full power. Every now and then we had to slow down because a red light was warning us on the temperature of the engine.

We arrived in Harelbeke, having sailed most of the time myself, at 7 o’clock in the evening. It was a nice trip with nice weather aboard a nice ship! Sadly it wasn’t going that quick…

More pictures: Click here

Arma – Test drive wasn’t a success

26th June 2009 – In the afternoon I went helping to close the floor in the hold, together with some people from the organization that owns the Arma.

Later that day the skipper came to make a little test drive with the ship. After a few minutes the engine started to overheat. We sailed back with the bow thruster and moored the ship again on his mooring. It was clear, we wouldn’t sail tomorrow to Harelbeke.

Since they really wanted to leave, I called a friend to come and help sorting out the problems. By the end of the evening, all covered in oil and grease, the engine was running. Air had come in the cooling system.

It was good to know we would leave Bruges tomorrow, but it wouldn’t be on full speed. On one year time, the hull was completely grown with mussels and weed.

Arma – Engines and batteries

22nd June 2009 – I went having a look at the Arma. The engine is running now. The batteries of the bow thruster will be replaced later this week, so we have no knowledge of the situation for this engine.

Watergeus – Kitchen

20th June 2009 – Since the kitchen will be delivered in September I have to finish it now. Th roof and one side are finished. It was done reasonable quickly, since we are now starting to have the feeling and experience of working with pine t&g! Let say it this way: it is getting a boring job and we still have to do a few more meters…

In the evening I mounted my satellite disc on the ship. My neighbour did no longer need it, so I can watch tv again. Since it is an analogue system, not many companies are still broadcasting this way…

Watergeus – Kitchen

18th June 2009 – I went looking for a kitchen. Since I would like to live permanently in the hold by this winter, I needed a small kitchen. Since I had made up my mind and took a small plan with me it was relative easy to find what I wanted.

Arma – Engine trouble

16th June 2009 – Friday we will sail with the Arma to a small yard in Harelbeke for a major conversion. As expected, the engine wouldn’t start. The only engine that ran was the generator since it is hand started.

Watergeus – Floor underneath the stairs

8th June 2009 – Underneath the stairs is a small area, a fusebox is the only item in that area. It was once planned to place a big pump in that area, later a generator, a set of batteries, etc… Now it will become a storage area for food and drinks.

Since the floor was still multiplex wood and I had some azobe left, I decided to put it in this area. halfway the floor I realized I had run out of this wood. Fortunately I had some left in the engine room, underneath the hatches and in the bathroom. Just enough to finish the floor…