Month: August 2013

Aquarel – Cleaning out the hold

18th August 2013 – Cleaning out the hold after breaking down a ceiling into hundred pieces. This is how I could describe my day. The only thing I liked was the result! A clean floor and wooden hatches. The smell is now nearly gone. I still have to clean the bilges, but that is a job for next week!

Aquarel – Removing the kitchen floor

17th August 2013 – A heavy job was to remove the kitchen floor. Tiles and cement made it extremely heavy for me. By the end of the day, I filled up my car twice. Not only was I broken, but so was my car. Since she was slightly overloaded, I lost my exhaust….

Aquarel – Shelves

16th August 2013 – Finally I finished building the shelves for the workspace area. Somewhere last week I bought four shelves. They are boring to mount and it takes me an average of 1 hour to build one… They are not as solid as the people in the shop told me. I have to find a way to strengthen them…

Aquarel – Painting the hull

2nd August 2013 – The hull needs a good coat of paint. I tried painting her, but yachts are passing to quickly and at the end of the day my little boat sank because of the waves and the hits to the hull it had to sustain…

Why can’t yacht people be social? I’m angry, very angry!