Month: October 2008

Arma – Stripping the back accommodation

26th October 2008 – I had the chance to remove all pieces I wanted from the back accommodation. Sadly the inside was redone in the 90’s and they didn’t use any quality stuff. While removing the new paneling to get to the roof, I noticed behind the walls and underneath the roof, there was another layer of wood, damaged to badly so no use in saving it. I saved some smaller lists and details for my own ship, also some furniture and cooking equipment.

In the afternoon, everything was loaded in a van and dropped on my ship. In the evening I started sorting out all the wood, making sure I could rebuild some frames, etc… I started sorting out the screws, but gave this up very quickly.

Watergeus – Electricity

25th October 2008 – We continued working on the electricity, so there is no light and power in the kitchen.

In the afternoon, I started working on the sleeping room, putting the finishing wood on the side. It is looking good.

Watergeus – Azobe

19th October 2008 – Since my hold is completely filled, there is nearly no space to walk around. At the entrance of the hold, the floor will be re-used wood of the cargo hold (azobe). It is the same wood used in my corridor and the office space. We cut it on size and placed it at the entrance. I have now intention to use all the stuff I have before buying some more. So I hope, my hold will look emptier.

Watergeus – New batteries

14th October 2008 – Around ten, the company came to place new batteries, charger and to replace the cables around the engine. It has been professionally done, with new starting cables, fuses between the batteries and the system, etc…

At the end of the evening, to be sure, we started the engine, and somehow I had expected it, the DAF wouldn’t start! The man had a look and the start motor was oxidized, from standing still for a while. He cleaned it and the engine started beautifully, lovely to hear it running. It really made my day!

Watergeus – Ceiling bedroom and painting the engine room

12th October 2008 – We finished the ceiling of the sleeping room and started working on the one in the corridor. In the evening I painted the engine room, this time in white. Two years ago, the engine room was in such a bad condition, I quickly painted it with the first paint I found, dark blue with a mixture of gray. The engine room was looking nice, but way to dark. Since they are about the place some new tools in the engine room on Tuesday, I wanted to paint it while I still could.

Watergeus – Ceiling

11th October 2008 – In the morning I went looking for wood, screws and other stuff I needed to make it through the day. While my mother painted the remaining places in the office, my father and me built the roof in the sleeping room. People say it is easy building a roof with pine tongue & groove wood, well I found it reasonable hard.

Watergeus – Electricity

5th October 2008 – Mainly worked on the electricity and getting my stuff out of the boxes for my office space. I do now have power in the living room, as well as some lights!

In the office space, I started working with little pieces of wood to hide all the gaps between the panels. It takes a lot of time to do it nicely, but gives the finishing touch!

Watergeus – Scrapyard

4th October 2008 – The floor of the living room was finished. Some shelves on the bottom of the library had to be made, so we did this as well.

In the morning, my neighbour and I went to the scrapyard with pieces of our ship, 280kg’s of metal, 2kg copper and 11kg aluminum! If I would have cleaned out my engine room and fore peak, it would have been doubled, but neither did I have the time or interest to clean them out…

Watergeus – Finishing the office space

3th October 2008 – Today, the whole day was spent finishing the office space.

At the end of the evening we started laying down the floor in the sleeping roof and building an inspection hatch for the bilges.

There was a storm coming, rather unexpected. My big entrance door, over a hundred kilogram, was blown out of its brackets It took me some time to get it back at a certain level that was acceptable. I’ll have to repair it properly at some point, the next spring when there is no wind.

Watergeus – Building the Library

1st October 2008 – In the office space, on the big wall, a library will be built. The other side is used as a desk for my computers. This whole project will be made by a couple of us in multiplex wood. It is strongly built, and we worked over 11 hours continuously. By the end of the evening, it was not finished yet, but it started to look great.