Month: August 2014

Aquarel – Cube for the mast

30th August 2014 – The cube for the the mast foot was welded today and tested. It was filled with water and only a few drips came out in the hold. It got another weld so it is watertight. The support was welded as well and the first bracket for the arm of the mast. The weather stayed dry so all the outside welding was done. My neighbours had a wedding party so we didn’t make it to late. A nice day and a lot of progress!

Aquarel – Kitchen and painting the wheelhouse

23rd August 2014 – Painting time. My mother came to paint the wheelhouse. By the end of this fine day, we got most of it done.

While she was painting, I continued on that kitchen. I would have been bankrupt if I was working for other people building a kitchen. Never thought it would take me that long…

Aquarel – Woodwork in the kitchen

21st August 2014 – Since the welding around my kitchen is finished I can concentrate on the woodwork again. It took me some time to mount the frame and the steel wires to hold the insulation. I’m surprised to see how much insulation that goes into a small area… Anyway, by the end of the evening the wall was finished to hold the kitchen sink and the other units.

Aquarel – Support for the mast

16th August 2014 – Nice weather, slightly cloudy. I had two thick sheets of metal for the mast support. This needs to be strong since it has to hold a serious weight in the near future. It took us all day to make the support and a waterproof casing for the foot of the mast.

Aquarel – Metal support for the watertanks

15th August 2014 – A national holiday on a Friday. This is perfect for a long weekend of working aboard the Aquarel. The only element I couldn’t count on was the weather. The whole day was raining. Anyway, I managed to weld the remaining supports for the hatches. At least when it is stormy, I don’t have to worry to much about losing them.

Heavy rain continued and therefore it was necessary to work inside. The metal framework for the watertanks was welded. The watertanks float above the wooden floor. In case I have to weld at the yard, I can get access to the bilges without moving my tanks.