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Vlet Djoey – Picking up the vlet of Ster der Zee

7th November 2021 – We picked up the old vlet of Ster der Zee in Bruges. A small adventure taking a lot of time. The trip to Bruges went fluently. In Bruges we had to row and tow the boat by hand for a distance of about 1000 meters. Towing it back went fine till it was making to much water…. In the end we moored it safely near land. No longer our problem. We did our duty!

Baron – A first trip

17th July 2021 – Proud to have cleaned up the ship, and finally be able to invite my neighbours for a trip, we left for Stalhille bridge, turning went nicely and the ship makes a very good speed. My friends heard the engine was slowing down in revs, I never paid any attention to it. I was a little to enthusiastic….

The moment I paid attention to it, the engine switched off.  We made it three kilometers from the start, a success 😉

Not at all, I was very much ashamed and could only find one cause. An electric powered driven fuel pump in combination with dead batteries.

We took the vlet Djoey to tow her back to Tordino and made a trip with the vlet to have another great evening…

The Baron will be towed to the yard!

Vlet Djoey – A small trip in Oudenburg

31st January 2021 – The plans for moving Tordino to Oudenburg are getting more serious. For a few days now, water has been very high and very low. The Government managing the waterways claims that it is very undeep near the sides. It was the perfect moment to have a look and see it myself. Believe me, I don’t want to end up on these remaining walls from the early days…