Month: March 2020

Wategeus – cleaning a light box and repairing the mast

31st March 2020 – I cleaned the first of two light boxes for the Tordino. They are the old boxes from the Arma, wel covered in paint…

I repaired the mast. It is a temporary solution, but I hope it last until the Corona period is over and I can buy another one.

And the last job for the evening was cleaning a porthole for my front door.

Welding in Oudenburg

29th March 2020 – The son of a close friend bought a small ship at the yard. His plan is to travel to Amsterdam and back with it.  There were a few issues like a leak and they wanted a hatch in the front part of the ship.

I started with the hatch, made a frame and welded it. I had to stop welding because of the wind.  It was a storm. I’m heavy, but could no longer stand stable to weld…



Watergeus – Cleaning the deck

28th March 2020 – I’m getting bored with no wood left to work. My deck was a mess and I cleaned it with a high pressure cleaner, removing old paint and rust. I also cleaned the little boat and my hatches where I had been working the last couple of days to restore the light cases for Tordino.

Tordino – Small jobs

28th March 2020 – It was getting windy and painting was no option. I painted the railing but had to stop. Since I was still aboard, I did some smaller jobs in the bathroom, kitchen and sleeping room. 

In the afternoon, I went back to the Watergeus.

Watergeus – Anchors

26th March 2020 – At lunch time I put a coat of primer on the anchor from the Arma. It could dry out in the sun while I continued working from home. 

After work, I salvaged my neighbours little boat. I can’t remember how many times it sank before, but now it is broken. After the last stom, it got caught between the big barge and land. It is very doubtful if I can repair it.

While water was running out the small boat, I gave a first coat of paint on the anchor and on the railing of the Watergeus. 

In the evening I continued cleaning the other anchor.

Watergeus – Painting

24th March 2020 – I started painting the workshop. I finished the ceiling with t&g before I could paint. Since I ran out of wood, the walls will have to be finished another time.

In the late evening, I chipped some rust from the big anchor. I had no energy left to take an electric tool. So I jus used a hammer.