Month: March 2013

Hornblower – Removing the old paint

30th March 2013 – The outside of the accommodation wasn’t painted for two years. I have been welding and cutting, mounting new windows, etc… Most of the paintwork was in a bad condition. Time to remove it and give it a good coat of new paint.

By the end of the evening, most of the paint was gone. To do something else to finish the day, I made a box around the pump and boiler, and I mounted two gauges for the engine.


Visiting Veurne

17th March 2013 – I’m running behind on any schedule you could imagine. I will update the blog and conversion work whenever I have some time. Progress on the Hornblower continued, but very slowly.

I was in Furnes today to have a look at some boats. There were less boats then in 2007. The old yard of André looks like it was used yesterday. What a shame the site closed down. How long will it take before flats will rise on this piece of heritage…

Visiting Brussels

9th March 2013 – Anna invited me for a theater production in Brussels. I wanted to visit a spits barge, so I combined both events with Filip and made a day out in Brussels. 

There are a few houseboats in Brussels and some more in Anderlecht, next to Brussels. I had a look and was surprised to see a collection of different vessels.

It was becoming late, so the quality of the pictures is not that good.