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Stad Rotterdam – Moving to Oudenburg

8th August 2021 – The owner wanted to move her ship to have a few days off. I took the opportunity to move the little dinghy alongside. While we had some wind issues in the beginning because of a broken bridge, the rest of  the journey was great.  Just before arriving in Plassendale, I detached the little boat, jumped on it and made it to the side!

Stad Rotterdam – To the yard

14th May 2021 – There couldn’t be a more inappropriate date to move the ship to the yard then one day before the opening. But since I promised my neighbour to move her ship, so I did. I arrived a little late, but the bridge was stuck anyway.  We arrived after midnight at the yard, having done half the journey in the dark. It was an experience, one I prefer not to make again…



Stad Rotterdam – Sailing to Bruges Day 5

22nd March 2021 – I had a good nights sleep aboard the Watergeus. Makes a difference! We left Beernem in the dark and by the time we arrived at the first bridge, it was daylight. We were stuck behind a tanker for the whole journey. It was a lovely day, steering in the sun and just enjoying the typical (to me boring) view of the canal Bruges-Ostend.

We have done the journey in 38 hours, spread over five days. If the lock and bridges would be open on Sunday and we had no engine failure, three days would have been easily done.

Stad Rotterdam – Sailing to Bruges Day 4

21st March 2021 – We left Zelzate at 8 o’clock in the morning. The lock of Evergem is opening at 10, so we had plenty of time. It was again a cold night. I was surprised to see how busy it was at the lock of Evergem, certainly on a Sunday morning.

At lunch time we arrived at Beernem where we moored the ship alongside Tordino. We had a few drinks and went home.