Month: November 2020

Tordino – No power again

30th November 2020 – I woke up early and noticed there wasn’t AIS signal again. When I arrived aboard, the charger went in failure. I switched the heather to the mains power, which is not so reliable, but at least, it is working.  Batteries are charging and AIS is on. Heating now works as well, let’s hope, it stays well. 


It reminds me of two years ago when I had to go to the yard. Just at that moment , I had a faulty inverter. Now it is cold again and this is happening. It is nice to have comfort and automatic systems, as long as they work!

Tordino – No power…

28th November 2020 – I already noticed late in the afternoon I had no AIS signal so there was no power aboard. When I checked the engine room it was not the mains power but the charger that is broken, a very expensive one… It lasted over ten years, so I can’t complain. 

I used another charger to keep my ship alife since all my equipment is running of the inverter aboard..

Stern – Darkening t&g

25th November 2020 – I finished t &g on portside and did an experiment with dark oil on starboard side. I want to mirror the colour of the cupboards on portside with the wall on starboard. Later in the evening, a friend came and we had a drink aboard with the electric heating running.



Stern – Painting green

23rd November 2020 – Early in the morning, I cleaned the living room. the oil on the windows was still wet so I couldn’t start cutting the wood. After lunch time I covered the windows with plastic foil, painted the wooden frame on portside. Inside, I finished the skylight and did some more t&g. 

Stern – Small jobs

22nd November 2020 – Still exhausted from yesterday, I decided to do at least something. I removed the green cover from starboard side and gave the windows a second coat of oil on the inside. Whily my brush was used anyway, I gave a second coat on the dashboard and the step in front of the steering wheel.


Stern – Cleaning

19th November 2020 – Time for some cleaning in the living room and wheelhouse. Taking away extension cables, tools, pieces of wood and sawdust. It doesn’t only look better, it makes more space and this is what we need tomorrow!

Stern – T&G in the living room

17th November 2020 – Having some trouble with my computers, I only had limited time left to do something. Paintwork on the outside was looking surprisingly well after the rain we had. I added some more t&g in the corners and where it was missing. Slowly getting there. Can’t wait to have my windows delivered on Friday.

Stern – Wheelhouse

15th November 2020 – I was not happy with the join between the living room and wheelhouse. Also I wanted to reuse the original hatch. On the other hand cables were running through both sides of the wheelhouse and taking a lot of space. I also want to have full access to the dashboard in case I need to add extra cables. What I had done yesterday was not a success. 


The entrance to the living room is a bit smaller now but I think I will manage that. After hitting my head enough times, I’ll get used to it!



I experimented with oil on t&g for the dashboard in the wheelhouse. Slowly I’m getting there….

Late in the evening, I gave the kitchen doors a second coat of oil. I will have to go for a darker oil to match the door of the living room.