Month: March 2006

Watergeus – Making the step!

27th March 2006 – Only one day after the add was placed, I called Andy and told him I was buying the ship. I would meet him on Friday and make the deal. Why? I had the chance of buying a spits for 5000 euros more then a real Luxe Motor who’s condition I knew by now and I helped a friend. These two reasons were enough for me to make this important decision.

Watergeus – Painting the bow

26th March 2006 – Since, we didn’t have a picture of the bow yet, I asked Andy to paint the bow, which he did.

That evening, at my place we created the advert.  It took us three hours to choose the right pictures and put it on several websites. While making the add, I started liking what I saw…

Watergeus – Adding roofing felt

18th March 2006 – After a long holiday in Senegal, I came back to work again on the Watergeus. The wooden roof was finished, but roofing felt needed to be added to protect it. Since the weather was good, it was a perfect day for adding it.

We worked continuously to add the roofing felt. We took two short breaks and till the evening, only two more roles had to be added. we decided to continue. After a hard day of work, we were invited by the neighbours at the street side. They live in a typical small dutch house.

Andy told me he planned to sell the boat and asked if I would be able to create an add next weekend. We would clean the boat and take some pictures for the Internet. At that time, I was looking to buy the spits Cawcher-V, an old vegetable oil tanker.