Month: June 2021

Baron – Cleaning

27th June 2021 – I finally started cleaning the ship by removing the sails into my van, followed by rebuilding the bench on starboard side.  I had an old tin of black antirust primer. I sprayed it where it was rusting badly. At least, it can’t become any worse at the moment.

The engine ran for half an hour. Started straight away!

Baron – Engine

26th June 2021 – Yesterday I managed to get the batteries charged.  Today I made a quick inventory of the engine room. I noticed the sea tap was open. So I wonder what happened to the anti freeze the owner put in… He always reminded us the tap was closed and we were not allowed to start the engine.

Bilges are drying out and the pump didn’t run anymore. Or it is broken or the keel is dry…

Baron – Some water in the bilges

20th June 2021 – I was not surprised to have water in the bilges. I was even happy the ship was still afloat. I haven’t known a night were it rained as much as last night.  Today I left the hatches open so it could dry out. When I connected the shore power, my fuses jump. So one year to make her seaworthy again is not over the top! It might be very realistic.

Baron – Paperwork

18th June 2021 – Today I got an insurance for the ship and I started scanning the old documents to find more historical information. I looked at the pictures I took in December, also thinking about the serious damage on the side I have since it got stuck under the quay, I don’t know… I really going to need that full year of renovation.

Baron – Closing the leaks in deck

15th June 2021 – I closed the three leaks I made with the high pressure machine last month.  I noticed the ship was badly damaged getting stuck under the wooden quay. She needs to move quickly. I have an appointment next week at the marina to drydock her.

Stern – Heading back to Bruges

14th June 2021 – The biggest mistake I made was moving the Stern alongside Tordino. I just can’t have a safe access to the ship. A ship is made for cruising around, so I turned back to Bruges. It took us less then two hours to get back. I was lucky to pass under the last bridge. After me, it was over.  The bridge got stuck for a few hours…

The more I move around with the Stern the more I get use to her movements and how she handles the water. The only mistake I made is having no bollards near the wheelhouse to put a rope. I have to go to the back deck and this can, depending on certain locks become an issue.

A day in Antwerp

13th June 2021 – I went to see a little Dutch ship in Antwerp. It is a flat bottom sailing boat from around 7 meters. I like it a lot, but I’m not sure if it is worth the effort. It certainly looks traditional, but it hasn’t been maintained for years. I’m also worried about the logistic nightmare for bringing her over to Bruges, since I need to sail over the Schelde. The other issue is I’m still in negotiation about the sailing ship Baron…