Month: November 2021

Tordino – Installing an electric heather

25th November 2021 – An electric heather is installed in the bedroom downstairs. It is a 1000W element, not big but enough to heat the whole room but enough to make it warm and to remove any possible humidity.

I’ve chosen for a more expensive one since I’m extremely happy with the one installed in the Stern last month! I need to rely on it when I’m not aboard as well.


In the evening I continued hanging Christmas decoration. If the weather allows it and the packages arrive in time, I will hang some more lights tomorrow.

Tordino – Christmas decoration

20th November 2021 – When I was younger I always put a Christmas three on my ship. The last couple of years, I had no time or interest in putting one. This year is no difference, until my neighbour convinced me, and she did it already months ago, to put one. So today I started….

Tordino – Library

15th November 2021 – A perfect gray cold day for working in the Library. I scanned some books and brochures, did a clean up of of one of the tables and sorted many books. Happy with the result, but nobody else will notice any difference….

I am still waiting for the special vintage light bulbs to arrive, so I mounted a few cheap ones to have enough light for working….

Tordino – Finishing the living room

12th November 2021 – I cleaned the living room, putting back the furniture, adding a few extension cables for my laptop, etc… Two more paintings are now on the wall. It is looking cosy. I had an old chair on the Watergeus. Together with my Christmas decoration, it is now all aboard Tordino. Ready for the winter!



Tordino – Painting

11th November 2021 – My mother gave a coat of primer in the morning and I gave a coat of finish in the late afternoon. The room is now ready. Probably the first time I’ve done such a job in less then a week! Once everything is dry, it needs a good clean.

Tordino – T&G in the extended living room

8th November 2021 – My neighbour convinced  me to put t&g. It is the only person I’ve met so far that likes t&g! Most people think I’m boring or to classical, but now someone knows what a real boat taste feels like!

I bought some t&g for the extension of the living room. The price has gone up with 5 EURO for a package. It is better to invest in wood then it is in Gold at the moment. One wall is nearly finished.

I also put a curtain between this new room and the rest of living room to avoid to have to much dust in my living part.

Vlet Djoey – Picking up the vlet of Ster der Zee

7th November 2021 – We picked up the old vlet of Ster der Zee in Bruges. A small adventure taking a lot of time. The trip to Bruges went fluently. In Bruges we had to row and tow the boat by hand for a distance of about 1000 meters. Towing it back went fine till it was making to much water…. In the end we moored it safely near land. No longer our problem. We did our duty!