Author: frederic

Stern – All bits and pieces

19th June 2022 – I’m finishing the windows in the living room, so I can mount the curtains. The waterpump is connected, so when I fill the watertank, I should have water from the tap. The last light from the bedroom is connected to the 12v circuit. To finish my evening, I mounted a picture of a sailing boat. It was hanging at the entrance of the Watergeus in a previous life….



Stern – Electricity

18th June 2022 – I added some jubilee clips to the flexibles and did a test. Everything dry! I’m getting better in plumbing. I also managed to do some of the 220v electricity. Let’s see how that will work…


Stern – Plumbing part II

17th July 2022 – I started working after 21 o’clock, it was still very warm.  I managed to connect the fittings with the flexible pipes. Now I only need to tight everything up.

I made a rubber around the sink. Only not sure about the colour. Maybe I should have taken grey instead of black.

Stern – Plumbing in the kitchen

16th June 2022 – With over 30°C outside, it was hard to work.  Anyway, I wanted to have done something so I drilled two holes, one in the sink to mount a tap and one in the hull for the waste water of the sink. It became warmer and warmer so I went to the shop, spending one hour measuring and checking what pieces I needed. It is the first time I came home with the right pieces and I didn’t buy to many!

If I hadn’t forgotten the teflon, the whole plumbing would have been finished in the kitchen…

Stern – Electricity and drilling a hole in the wheelhouse

14th June 2022 – I adjusted some t&g so the the doors of the cupboard in the kitchen can open again. I measured the size of the battery to check if the new battery will fit.  While doing so, I discovered several lose wires. They are now taped against the wood, instead of just being loose against the metal hull…

I drilled a hole in the roof of the wheelhouse so I can pass through the cables for the solar panel, GPS and extra VHF antenna.