Month: March 2022

Watergeus – Moving the last server

28th March 2022 – The last of my servers, the one with all the pictures I’ve taken since the beginning of my boat passion was moved today. Since it still has traditional hard drives, it had to be moved carefully. It is now up and running aboard Tordino. For the people who think I’m old fashioned, I do have a backup in the cloud.

Tordino – Cleaning the entrance and scanning books

27th March 2022 – The work on Tordino continues. I cleaned the entrance of the ship. The tools for working on the Stern and new packages with books were stored around the steps. There was barely any room to walk around. In the evening I scanned books in the library. Sorting out the Library will be the next big job. I can’t wait to open for the public. 

Tordino – Preparing the museum for opening

24th March 2022 – It was a busy afternoon. A lot of small jobs have been done, but there is still a lot that needs doing!  I cleaned the concrete talud, wiped the gangways, mounted the flag posts, moved some cupboards in the hold, removed old content and replaced it with new one, etc… 

A lot more needs doing but that is a job for Sunday! 

Watergeus – Emptying the workshop

19th March 2022 – The workshop was built during the first Covid-period. I had plenty of time and was lucky to have ordered the wood and insulation two days before there was a lockdown. It now feels strange to empty this space. My parents removed most of my tools last week. Now it is up to me to take the bigger parts like the cupboards and the old panels of other barges that I was storing here.