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Stern – Numbers and name

14th July 2021 – It is already halfway summer and the weather hasn’t given me any moment to paint. I wanted to wait to put the name and numbers on the Stern until it was fully painted.  I don’t want to get a fine when I’m moving the ship next time, so I put some temporary labels on it. At least, if there is a check on the ship, they can now trace it…

Stern – Heading back to Bruges

14th June 2021 – The biggest mistake I made was moving the Stern alongside Tordino. I just can’t have a safe access to the ship. A ship is made for cruising around, so I turned back to Bruges. It took us less then two hours to get back. I was lucky to pass under the last bridge. After me, it was over.  The bridge got stuck for a few hours…

The more I move around with the Stern the more I get use to her movements and how she handles the water. The only mistake I made is having no bollards near the wheelhouse to put a rope. I have to go to the back deck and this can, depending on certain locks become an issue.

Stern – First journey to Oudenburg

30th May 2021 – I made a first journey with the Stern as she is converted now. It was a challenge to me since I barely move my own ships, unless it is for a yard visit. I prefer converting boats instead of sailing them. I was in doubt whether I should keep the Stern or not. If the journey went fine, I would keep it as my own yacht. Since I made this promise to myself, I need to keep it.

So I will continue with the Stern. But how was the Journey? Well…

I left Bruges at 7:47 after I forgot to disconnect the shore power. The bridge was open since they were replacing some parts of the internal lifting system.  I was not sure about the height of the bridge so I lowered my mast. I’m glad I did since the bridge was not totally open.

The rest of the journey went fine, I arrived at 9:30 o’clock at Tordino. She is not very stable to navigate and from the moment you don’t pay attention, she goes her own way. I don’t thing she will handle bad weather nicely…

Stern – Preparations for a small trip

26th May 2021 – Before making any other changes, I want to know how the ship is steering with a new wheelhouse. The last trip was two minutes from her previous mooring to my ship. Sunday will be the day. One of the major issues will be the noise of the engine, but that is the least to worry about at this stage.

I cleaned the decks and made sure I now have a free deck to walk around. Last time, with the old wheelhouse I had to crawl on and off the boat to get to the front. I don’t want this to happen now.

Stern – Continuation on a nearly abandoned project

23rd May 2021 – The project of the Stern stopped where it becomes difficult to me. The electricity and plumbing needs to be done, the finishing touch of the interior, the sliding door and the problem with the sound insulation of the engine room.  I had a few acceptable excuses why I didn’t continue, but now the Baron project hasn’t gone through, I might as well just accept the challenge and finish why I bought the Stern for in the first place: to cruise.

Stern – Moving alongside the Watergeus

22nd March 2021 – Now that the new ship of my neighbor has arrived, it was time to clean up the mooring and move it back alongside the Watergeus. I was surprised the see the engine starting on only 8v instead of 12v. I kept it running for a while so the battery can charge. My other neighbour helped me with the rope work.

Stern – a small bit of t&g

1st March 2021 – I had to do something on the Stern. Nice weather and I hadn’t been aboard for a whole week. I just removed the old panel of the back bulkhead to get access to the rudder and battery. I added some t&g and then it was dark..

Stern – Wheelhouse

19th February 2021 – Still disappointing about this morning, I went to have a look at the Hornblower where they are rebuilding her. It motivated me to start on the Stern. Aboard the Stern, I did some t&g around the cupboards in the wheelhouse and around the windows. I cut the remaining expanded foam as well.

One serious day of working and most of the wheelhouse should be finished.