Month: September 2023

Tordino – Insulating a wall

17th September 2023 – I painted the inside of the entrance where it was welded. I added some silicone around the welds in case there would be a small leak. You never know…

The biggest problem  at the moment is space. I can barely turn around in such a small space, never mind work. I insulated one side and mut some plywood in front of it. At least I got ride of some wood and insulation, giving me some more space…

Tordino – Mounting the stairs

16th September 2023 – I broke down a part of the workshop at the front of the ship, reused to wood to raise the floor, built a small stage for the stair and mounted the stair. All written in one sentence, but it took me a whole day….

The good thing is I’m still feeling confident it will work out fine. I hadn’t done a conversion on a ship for a while, but it felt good!

The stairs have been aboard the ship since I own her but I can’t remember where I got them from… They are extremely heavy to move around.

Tordino – Hoovering the front

15th September 2023 – In the late afternoon I hoovered parts of the front. When walking and measuring, I got to much dust around in the museum. I scraped the rust from the corners of the front tabernakels and made them ready for painting.

In the evening I continued scanning books and postcards

Tordino – Cleaning and painting

6th September 2023 – I got up at 5 o’clock in the morning, so we could get an early start cleaning the boat and doing some painting. At 11 o’clock we had to stop, to start again in the late evening. It is way to warm to working during the regular hours.

I also had a visit from the current owner of the Watergeus. We talked about removing paint and how intense this is…

While waiting in the afternoon, I continued scanning postcards and photographs. I didn’t want to have a wasted day…