Month: September 2021

Stern – Bathroom

27th September 2021 – I finished cutting the planks for the floor of the toilet area, also made a box to cover the pipes and i made a small cupboard for some products. Happy with the result!

Tordino – Working light

26th September 2021 – When working in the evening, it is getting dark early. I mounted a work light on the gangway. So I can continue working in the evening.

I also finished cutting the grass around the ship. Looking clean again!


Stern – Planning and miter saw

20th September 2021 – I just bought a new blade for my saw. Finally I can cut some wood again! This is the only machine I don’t have a spare one hanging around and I need it daily.  After cutting the hatch for the engine room, I went for an evening walk making some plans. Plans weren’t made but it was a beautiful moon! 

Stern – Making a two trips

19th September 2021 – I made a small trip to Stalhille and back, then made one on the harbour of Ostend and came back. It was a different location this time and nice to see, but not sure if I want to do it regularly.