Month: November 2017

Watergeus: Rain coming through

29th November 2017 – Another night of heavy raining. While I went to the engine room, water was running from the ceiling on several spots. I tried putting a few buckets before going to work. I can no longer ignore there is no problem…

catching water in the engine room

Watergeus: Cables

28th November 2017 – I managed to finish most of my cables. Only a few more need to done. I just ordered my two VHF radios and a set of antennas. Once they are delivered, I can finish the panels and hopefully, everything will work.

Mounting cables in the wheelhouse

Watergeus – Mounting cable gutters in the engine room

13th November 2017 – I mounted the first cable gutter in the engine room. The cables need to run tightly and clean, not like it used to be, around everything and everywhere. I don’t want to think yet how many cables that will be running through the engine room, but with all the equipment, there will be a lot!

Two power cables are running from the battery. One of them is spare or in case I need another set of batteries.