Month: August 2012

At sea!

26th August 2012 – Today I did something that you should never do. Take it as an example of how not to go to sea! If I knew everything when I arrived in Blankenberge, I might have considered going back home! Upon arrival I discovered there were no charts, binoculars or a working VHF radio. I had my mobile phone with all the important phone numbers with me. There were life jackets and our navigation lights were working.

With a simple plan of following the coast line, I thought we could make it easily. When I left Blankenberge, it was still dark. I had trouble leaving the harbour because of heavy waves hitting us. Quickly I realized following the coast line was not that easy. I then tried moving the boat from one buoy to the other. After two buoys, I never found a third one. By then the day came and I could clearly see the coast and all the buildings. Three hours later I was in Ostend. The harbour authorities didn’t like it I had no VHF. We had to wait for some time before they let us continue the journey to Bruges.

Nevertheless it was a nice experience and a good journey.

While sitting on my own boat in the afternoon, a nice little Luxe Motor passed by. It was the Hielke.

Hornblower – Some more electricity

21st August 2012 – Because of the heat and some other activities, I haven’t been working on the Hornblower. Today I drilled a few holes for the wiring. I connected one socket as well. It doesn’t seem much, but I had to drill through so many layers it took me 20 minutes to get through!

Hornblower – Electricity

16th August 2012 – I forgot to put my plastic pipes for the electricity. I always use plastic draining pipes to put through my cables. It took me some time to get them between the hull and the insulation. I drilled the holes for the sockets in the living room and started to put the cables.

Hornblower – Bedroom

15th August 2012 – We mainly continued working in the bedroom. All the walls are finished and we have just started the ceiling. I’m not sure whether it will hold or not. We have to bend the wood a little to much for the curve of the ceiling….


Hornblower – T&G

7th August 2012 – The finish for the Hornblower will be similar to the one of the Watergeus. T&G wood will be used. A few months ago I did the living room, now I’m starting with the bedroom.