Month: November 2015

Aquarel – Slow progress

30th November 2015 – Working on the Aquarel is with ups and downs at the moment. Maybe I’m spending to much time on the ‘Op Hoop van Zegen’ at the moment, I don’t know… Like Andy once said, it is all about the hours you spend on a ship.

The bathroom is the next logical step in finishing the hold. After the old accommodation and the kitchen area, the bathroom is another big area. This room is not so big in size, but it has several corners and small places. I finished the woodwork for the first part and put another coat of paint on it. I like to have at least three coats of paint in the bathroom. Humidity can severely damage wood.

I’m already looking forward to connect the plumbing and toilet. Then I can at least sleep aboard with some comfort.

Op Hoop van Zegen – Starting on the engine room

29th November 2015 – The engine room is the only area I haven’t touched. Time to clean it out, fill the engine with anti freeze, close all the cranes to the water circuits and to make a list of things that can go. I closed the floor again. The engine is covered in some blankets and looking down, it is clean. At least one area…

I noticed most of the smell is gone in the main hold. There is still some rubbish around, but I’m making progress.

Op Hoop van Zegen – Removing old panels

12th November 2015 – I had a few hours spare so I continued removing the old paneling and insulation. Nothing special, just work. While doing so, I realised how much work it will take to rebuild the interior. From a small project to a major conversion…

The current outdated interior looks simple, but it worked. Sadly enough, after being passed through several owners it was damaged during every conversion or adaptation. The main criticism on the previous conversion is the electricity. Loose wires with tapes or unprotected connected with blocks. I was surprised there had not been any fire.

While being aboard, you start dreaming, making plans and also realising none of them are going to happen. The idea that you have a certain potential with a ship is so nice, you should enjoy it.

Op Hoop van Zegen – Finished my first set of plans

11th November 2015 – I finished my first set of plans. It looks more like a children’s drawing then a serious plan. I will nearly change the whole concept from the current situation . Water tanks and bathroom will be at the front of the ship, followed by a bed, table and chairs. At the entrance is the kitchen area. Like a friend said, it is easy on paper…

Aquarel – painting the kitchen

11th November 2015 – A day of doing several smaller jobs. The old accommodation got a second coat of oil and the cabinet were painted with a finishing coat of ivory white. The accommodation is nearly finished and ready for decoration and usage. Once the kitchen and bathroom are finished, I will have some comfort aboard. This means I can work a whole weekend without going home. Looking forward to use the microwave and eat some hot food!

I put a floor in the bar, so it looks similar to the kitchen area. A final floor will be done when I’m back from the yard. I prepared inspection hatches, but you will never know… A good quality floor is expensive and it is a reasonable big area to cover.

The hold is a major area to paint. It will take some time. Therefore, every evening I’m aboard, I try to paint an area. My tins of paint are 0.75l and this is just the right amount to paint something. Secondly, by the time I can paint everything, I need to clean the hold a bit more. There is to much rubbish around. I filled my car with wood and mounted the toilet. Gives me some extra space, but not enough.

Aquarel – Mounting brackets for the zwierbomen

4th November 2015 – Sadly enough, the floor was still wet and I can’t walk on it. Therefore I started finishing the bar in the main hold. Doing little corners takes a lot of time. By the time it was dark, most of it was finished, but there was no more time to paint the bar.

Mother helped the whole day removing vanish. During a heavy rain period, I noticed the window that was not covered with duck tape and plastic started leaking heavily. So both windows are now taped with plastic. A solution can be simple (and temporarily)…

In the late afternoon, to do something totally different, I welded the brackets for the zwierbomen. I didn’t have the right pieces to connect the ropes and chains. Another item I couldn’t finish.