Month: April 2023

Tordino – Flags and cleaning

30th April 2023 – In the morning we continued making the inventory of our flags. Weather was to good to work inside so I started cleaning a part of the den that was more green then the grass on the other side of the canal…

In the late afternoon I continued removing varnish from the wheelhouse so I can redo the wood in oil. A few years ago, against my own believe, I used varnish. Sadly enough it didn’t stay well for a long period.

Stern – Cleaning

30th April 2023 – Time to clean the outside of the ship. It wasn’t looking right at all so I spent half a day cleaning the outside of the ship. Added some new flags and removed the old LED lights from the mast that were broken.

I noticed the decks were extremely slippery. I nearly got in the water, so I was glad I never removed the railing around the ship.

Clean windows
Looking shiny again
Clean deck!
Dirty deck
New flags on a dirty deck

Tordino – An unexpected visit

29th April 2023 – We had a special visit today, the daughter of one of the old owners of Tordino .  She wasn’t expected to find the ship and came by to visit the museum. When she read the name of her father, she was totally surprised.

Tordino – What to do first…

15th April 2023 – I don’t know what to do first. Lately I’ve been scanning thousands of old documents and photos. They still need to be put in the right folder or box.  I still have plenty of books to scan, label objects, mount a few new items, etc… On the other hand, I urgently need to work on the outside of the ship as well…

Anyway, I started by putting some new flags on the gangway…

The next job was to start to empty a few smaller rooms aboard Tordino and move the stuff to my workshop. I want to have some more breathing space aboard. When I had to empty the Watergeus, I quickly dropped a lot of stuff on Tordino. Since last year, I got so many new items for the museum, I want to give them a respectful place, so my personal stuff and tools need to go.

Tordino – Driving around to get some archives and books

8th April 2023 – I drove around to Antwerp, Dordrecht and Scheveningen to pick up stuff for the Museum. A nice collection of old dia’s, old documents from shipyards and insurance companies and and a private collection of books.  These are nice additions to the collection of the museum. It might take some time before they are digital available, but at least we know what to do when it is raining…