Month: July 2006

Watergeus – At the yard

21-22-23th July 2006 – A long weekend, three days of hard work with an average temperature of 42°C. Since Tuesday the rudders had been repainted. They look much better now!


The second part of the Technical room was painted. I put the metal floor back in that space. Since this area is clean now, I decided to move my engine spare parts from the engine room. Everything looks clean now, so it gives me a more comfortable feeling. I don’t like working in a messy engine room.

At the other end of the boat, the bilges were cleaned and painted. Next week, I put a floor in that area as well. It is to dangerous to walk on the ribs, one moment of not paying attention is enough to fall and break a leg.

Watergeus – Welding at the yard

11th July – I checked the repair works at the yard. They had started mounting some plates to the bottom of the ship. At noon, the yard called me. Since their was a risk of fire and the men of the yard saw smoke coming out of the boat, they wanted a key, so they could inspect the boat if their would be a fire risk…

Watergeus – Living at the yard

7-8-9th July 2006 – The boat was dry-docked on 4th July 2006 for repairs. She was still looking good. Since my neighbour was on holiday with his boat, I had plenty of time to work on my ship. I started cleaning the part of the cargo hold, closest to the engine room. This section was also covered with oil from her period pre December 2005.


After cleaning the bilges and the sides, the old electricity was removed and a new coat of paint was added. This part of the boat will become the Technical space with water tanks and generator.

Sleeping was again no option, so I worked all night. That’s the good thing about shore power, even when it is dark, you can continue to work. Some lights and music were enough for me to finish one corner.

Watergeus – Cleaning the bilges

1-2nd July 2006 – I didn’t work that much this weekend. I had some problems of a shoulder injury. The previous owner came by and it was to hot to work. At least, I cleaned the last parts of the engine room floor. It was a bit more then I thought, another 300 liters… Now you can eat from it!!!

I cleaned my deck, tidied up my ropes and started the engine. The best advice I could give to you: run your engine at leas every three months for an hour or more. That should keep her running for a long time!

The weather was so nice, I decided to take a swim around my ship. She looked so massive from the water. Sadly I don’t have a water prove camera.