Month: December 2017

New Website!

After more then 14 years, it was time to change the layout and structure of this website.

Updates will only be visible on this page.

The old information is about to be moved to this new site in the near future! I’ve now added around 80 posts in half-a-day.  There are over 1500 posts on the old website. It will keep me busy the next couple of evenings…

Tordino – Insulation and building walls

30th December 2017 – Another day of working in the hold of Tordino. While my father was insulating the sides of the ship, I was working on the other end building walls around the old accommodation. Many of the original wooden panels are not that strong any more. The frame around them should make it strong again.

I had to stop working since I ran out of plywood and wooden beams. It is amazing how much stuff you need to convert a hold. Every time I am surprised.

Tordino – T&G, building a wall and unloading the van

29th December 2017 – In the morning I finished some t&g one one side. I made a mistake yesterday evening and I had to solve it before I could do something else. It bothered me to much.

In the afternoon, I unloaded my van. It was the only dry period that day. I finished with building some more frames for the insulation in the sides.

Tordino – Moving the old hatches

22nd December 2017 – I made my decision. I will move the old hatches to another location. I’m loosing some space, but at least I can now build the back cabin as I want. I want to keep it completely. This is the only way how visitors will have the feel of living in the late ’20. It will be used as a cinema room. There will be a corridor to walk to the second part of the hold.

I got some portholes from a skipper. I will use them to decorate that corridor!

Tordino- Building the old cabin

19th December 2017 – I started building the cabin for real. Not just putting the panels in the right order, but mounting them to a complete room. halfway, I realized I will have to move some parts in the hold or find another solution. the cabin is 4m60 x 3m80. Nearly a square box, which is way to big to fit in the hold properly.

I’m thinking what to do. Only build half a cabin, move the old hatches and den, …..

Tordino- Loading wood aboard

17th December 2017 – Unloading stuff is one of the most annoying jobs on that ship. I need to walk over another one, walk down the stairs and put it in the hold. I bought some wooden planks and t&g in promotion. Now I had to put it in the hold.

Tordino – Moving the old cabin from Bruges – Part 2

14th December 2017 – The second part of the old cabin were smaller pieces like shelves and doors. I unloaded them in the evening, and finsished with some frame building. It is nice to work in a clean environment whee everything is painted, no grease, dirt or rubbish around you. I was surprised to see how much progress you can make in one evening.

Tordino – Moving the old cabin from Bruges – Part 1

12th December 2017  – Moving the old cabin to Tordino wasn’t as easy as planned. Both ships were covered with a layer of ice. It was dangerous, but there was no other day I could do it.

Two friends helped me out. It took us some time to unload the panels. They had to be moved carefully. Nearly a hundred years old, they are going to be reassembled in the near future.

Tordino- Last day open!

9th December 2017 – I made the exhibition hold ready for winter by covering the panels and objects.

In the afternoon, I started building the wooden frame for one of the walls. It took me a lot of time to get my stuff and tools. I put them away in September for Open Monumentendag and hadn’t use them ever since.