Tordino – Multiple jobs – stress

5th May 2021 – I’m getting stressed out. Doesn’t happen quickly but where to start to get finished by the end of the week…. I mainly spent my time welding the metal pins to the bollards and making the hinch system for the gangway.

My neighbours came to help and painted the hull black. At least one thing less to worry about. We also tried righting up the distance keeper but that failed, so I secured it in a way It can’t get to my ship.


Tordino – T&G

30th April 2021 – I went shopping for wood and t&g. Aboard the Watergeus  I picked up a small door. This door has been used aboard the Escapade, was later installed in the Hornblower and will now be used aboard Tordino.

In the evening I bolted the hooks on the distance keepers.

The repairs aboard the Maxx – A journey to Ghent

20th April 2021 – The owner wanted me to move the ship to Ghent. I asked a friend to join so I was sure I had somebody reliable on the front deck. When we left, I nearly hit the lock but could quickly turn around. The ship  was so hard to steer and it didn’t listen at all. If you went to slowly it didn’t listen at all. Thankfully it had a reliable bowthruster that helped me a lot. We were not even out of Bruges of the engine was more or less a steam engine and in Beernem the engine stopped working. It started again and slowly we continued the journey but had to abandon the trip at the marina in Beernem. We are halfway….

My battery of the phone died in between, so I could only take a few pictures from the beginning of the journey…

Tordino – Steps and interviews

16th April 2021 – In between interviews and people chatting to me I managed to finish the welding of the steps for Tordino.  I had to make the entrance bigger as well.  The next  big thing is now building the interior with insulation and old panels from an interior of a spits barge.


While working, I noticed the old restaurant in Diksmuide was towed to the yard.