Month: February 2013

Hornblower – Bathroom

28th February 2013 – There were not many updates. I’ve been working to finish the bathroom as fast as I could. Tomorrow I start the plumbing with some help. If this works, it is time to finish this room as well.



23rd February 2013 – I did some work on the Hornblower this week. It is all getting closer to being finished. The last bits take the most of time. I’m not working that hard at the moment, it is just too cold!

Therefore, or maybe I use this as an excuse, I decided to go boat spotting again, this time in Péronnes where I had been last month. One of the people here is at the yard with his ship. Time to have a look and chat to the other boat people in the area!

Hornblower – Working on the heather

11th February 2013 – Earlier this month, there was a fire on a houseboat in the Netherlands. The cause was overheating of a wooden wall behind a wood stove. I have always been carefully where I put a heating element (diesel, electric or wood burning).

I have a descent diesel heather in the living room of the Hornblower. Diesel can leak, so I made a construction underneath the heather. It is with stones and sand.

Hornblower – Building an aluminum floor

2nd February 2013 – For the first time in months, I had a look in the engine room. It is now time to make the floor. Over a year ago I bought several sheets of aluminum. I’ve cut them on the right size and dropped them in pace. Now I can walk or crawl around the engine at ease!