Month: December 2022

Tordino – Scanning in the library

23rd December 2022 – A lot of rain and wind, a perfect day for working aboard. I’m nearly getting there.  I was way behind planning for scanning. I received a lot of stuff the last couple of months and now it is nearly all in place and in the inventory.

Tordino – Scanning….

19th December 2022 – The first job today was to check if there was any damage in the engine rooms of the ship. It has been freezing a whole week and some days temperatures stayed below 0°C. Luckily no damage was noticed. 

In the afternoon I continued scanning books and postcards for the inventory.

Tordino – A visit of some old skippers

18th December 2022 – I had a visit of some old skippers. Sadly it was really cold, around 2°C in the hold. They didn’t stay long, but I received some nice books for the library!

Starting from tomorrow, temperatures will be again above freezing point, so it should be better! 

Tordino – Sorting my photo library

13th December 2022 – Last night was the coldest night in at least two years. Since it is to cold to work in the hold, I worked in the accommodation where I have my pellet heather running.  When you live aboard it is easy to keep it warm. Now I have to drive three times a day to fill up the heather.

A few more nights and we are safe again!