Month: March 2019

Hornblower – Sold

31st March 2019 – I sold my share of the Hornblower to my friend. There are a few reasons why I can’t continue with this project.

Firstly, I’m spending to much time on Museumschip Tordino and her collection. This is a project that will run and take my energy for at least a few more years.

The second reason is I lost interest in the ship. It is what it is. An old hull, with a younger built cabin. The interior is well done (I spent three years converting her between 2011-2014). The technical bits done by the next owner are acceptable but need some adjusting to last longer then one journey. What I try to say is the Hornblower was a nice project and with some energy she can become a nice cruiser. But sailing boats have never been my top priority…

Watergeus – New toy

29th March 2019 – Most of the neighbours have a small boat for moving around in summertime. I used to have so many of those, but always gave them away or used them for painting my boat. There was an old Pioner 235 boat left on the Arma. Green by mold and dirt, but in a good condition. With three people we put it on the Watergeus, ready for cleaning and using this summer!

Tordino – New batteries & certificate of Varend Erfgoed

29th March 2019 – My neighbour James helped me installing the new batteries for Tordino. The engine started straight away! It hadn’t run since last September when we whelped moving the Tatro to the yard.

When I arrived home, I found the certificate of ‘Varend Erfgoed’ in my letterbox. Tordino is now official recognized as heritage!

Tordino – Cleanup

17th March 2019 – I did a small clean-up outside.  Leaves, branches from trees and some rubbish, all of it was blown on deck. I raised the mast again and did some cleaning in the back accommodation. 

Later in the afternoon, I continued moving my tools to the back of the ship. At least, the storage unit is becoming empty and ready to be converted in an archive room.

Tordino – Archive Centre

15th March 2019 – While it is still to windy to do anything outside, I continued sorting out books and documents on the Watergeus to move to the Archive and Documentation Centre of Museumschip Tordino. I found some old documents in a box. They came from the British trawler Ross Leopard. I spent most of the evening reading the books….

Storm damage

10th March 2019 – A day to remember, at lunch time, my neighbours in Beernem called me. The boats were a bit loose because of the wind. On arrival I noticed the wheelhouse of the first boat was gone including some hatches.

In the evening when I was on the Watergeus, a few flower pots were gone, nothing special.