Month: July 2021 - page 2

Stern – Numbers and name

14th July 2021 – It is already halfway summer and the weather hasn’t given me any moment to paint. I wanted to wait to put the name and numbers on the Stern until it was fully painted.  I don’t want to get a fine when I’m moving the ship next time, so I put some temporary labels on it. At least, if there is a check on the ship, they can now trace it…

Tordino – Scanning and tourism in Plassendale

8th July 2021 – I’m not really working on any of my ships at the moment. The few nice moments, I’m having a drink in Plassendale or making plans for stimulating the tourism here.  They days it is raining, I’m scanning my books and magazines in the museum.

So there will be less updates at the moment…

Tordino – Strange weather for a summer

6th July 2021 – When I left for work this morning driving along the Canal, I noticed the sun was shining brightly on the water. This afternoon it changed and it became extremely windy. When now sitting in the hold of Tordino, I hear and feel the wind. It is a bit a scary feeling! The ship is rolling because of the wind, something I never had before with any of my ships. Since Tordino is now 5 meters away from the land side, wind can easily play around….

My battery charger broke, an expensive one that I had just replaced the beginning of December 2020… I hope Victron will replace it. They give 5 years of warranty… A small charger is now running but I know it is not enough for everything.

Baron – Numbers on the window

2nd July 2021 – While I was relaxing on deck of the Baron, the police arrived to check the paperwork of my neighbour. I quickly went aboard Tordino to check for my paperwork where I could find it, ran to my car to get the numbers out for the sailing boat and went back aboard. The police left without checking me….