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Hornblower – Cleaning the wheelhouse

16th September 2012 – Next Wednesday my new windows, or at least the first ones will be placed in the wheelhouse. I closed all the holes of the wheelhouse that gave entrance to the engine room.

In the afternoon, I cleaned out the wheelhouse. In a few months time, it became a major storage space. I also painted the floor to protect the wood during the works.

Hornblower – Windows

8th September 2012 – If everything goes as planned, my new windows should arrive next week. Around the old windows is still a lot of wood. That wood was fixed by screws and nails. The nails were welded and the screws were drilled from the outside through the metal and then into the wood. had to break every single of them with a hammer and a chisel. It made a lot of noise and it strengthened my muscles of my arm!


After removing some more wood, I found a name and a date. This probably means the interior was redone in 1981.

Next to the windows at the front part of the wheelhouse I welded some ribs. I don’t like drilling through the metal for the wood. It is another chance of creating rust and leaks.

Once the welding was done, I started working on the dashboard.


Struggling badly with my back

4th September 2012 – After three days I barely did something on the Hornblower. I’m struggling badly with my back. My parents and friends came to help me on some occasions. I had plenty of time for planning.

Once more I realized that clamps can help you a lot when doing a job.

Today was probably the day of tjalken. I noticed three tjalken passing by.


Hornblower – Sliding door issues

4th September 2012 – A major problem when I bought the ship were the sliding doors. Last week I started working on removing the old rotten profiles in which the door was sliding. Today I bought the metal and started replacing them. This looks an easy job that could be done in a few hours. By the time I finished, it took me a whole day for one door. Maybe my back is part of the problem…


At sea!

26th August 2012 – Today I did something that you should never do. Take it as an example of how not to go to sea! If I knew everything when I arrived in Blankenberge, I might have considered going back home! Upon arrival I discovered there were no charts, binoculars or a working VHF radio. I had my mobile phone with all the important phone numbers with me. There were life jackets and our navigation lights were working.

With a simple plan of following the coast line, I thought we could make it easily. When I left Blankenberge, it was still dark. I had trouble leaving the harbour because of heavy waves hitting us. Quickly I realized following the coast line was not that easy. I then tried moving the boat from one buoy to the other. After two buoys, I never found a third one. By then the day came and I could clearly see the coast and all the buildings. Three hours later I was in Ostend. The harbour authorities didn’t like it I had no VHF. We had to wait for some time before they let us continue the journey to Bruges.

Nevertheless it was a nice experience and a good journey.

While sitting on my own boat in the afternoon, a nice little Luxe Motor passed by. It was the Hielke.

Hornblower – Some more electricity

21st August 2012 – Because of the heat and some other activities, I haven’t been working on the Hornblower. Today I drilled a few holes for the wiring. I connected one socket as well. It doesn’t seem much, but I had to drill through so many layers it took me 20 minutes to get through!